Rian sends us a message

Rian is a wonderful and very brave boy who lives in Cork, Ireland. One look at the way this seven-year-old skillfully steers his wheelchair – slaloming between furniture, speeding up, and then executing an amazing 180 (almost on two wheels!) – and it’s no surprise to learn that he’s a big fan of the Disney movie Cars. Full of energy, strong in character, he focuses in on what he wants and zooms ahead, fearlessly.

When he’s not busy re-enacting movie scenes in his living room, Rian’s off having a blast with his best buddy . Like most kids their age, his best friend sees beyond Rian’s disease, always challenging his pal to strive to be the best he can be. There’s no doubt that he plays a huge role in Rian’s life.

As his parents will tell you, Rian brings out the best in everyone he meets. He’s very proud of his strengths, using them to keep moving forward, day in and day out, with enthusiasm and optimism. And just as their son doesn’t view furniture as an obstacle to living life to its fullest, Rian’s mom and dad won’t let CNM be one either.