Kurma announced on Monday the 24th of October 2016, that they have entered into a collaboration agreement with Conectus and Ionis Pharmaceutical to launch Dynacure, a Strasbourg-based biotech specializing in the treatment of rare neuromuscular disorders. Dynacure is a spin-off from the IGBMC (Institute of Genetic and Molecular and Cellular Biology – Unistra/INSERM/CNRS) of Strasbourg.

“The creation of Dynacure is a major step in the transformation of the disruptive discovery made by Dr. Jocelyn Laporte and his team into new potential treatments for patients affected by serious orphan muscle diseases” said Rémi Droller, Managing Partner at Kurma. “The creation of Dynacure is another validation of the know-how of Kurma Partners in implementing its acceleration model. Dynacure is the successful result of more than 2 years of a fruitful collaboration between Kurma Partners, Satt Conectus and IGBMC and Ionis”.

In its first drug discovery program, Dynacure is partnering with Ionis to use Ionis’ innovative antisense platform to develop a new therapeutic approach for treating rare myopathies linked to a target identified by the academic group of Jocelyn Laporte at the IGBMC.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Dynacure on developing a potential new drug for patients with myopathies,” said Mr. Brett Monia, senior vice president, antisense drug discovery at Ionis Pharmaceuticals. “Ionis’ antisense technology provides a unique therapeutic approach for addressing targets that are often not amenable to conventional drug platforms like small molecule or biologics. We think our antisense technology may be uniquely suited to address the target identified by Dr. Laporte’s group.”

“Conectus is delighted to be a part of this highly promising start-up” said Mr. Nicolas Carboni, Chairman & CEO of Conectus. “Dynacure demonstrates the powerful leverage created by Conectus’ Proof of Concept investment, which allow the company, at its inception, to close a series A and enter into a partnership with a world leading biopharmaceutical. This project also illustrates the value created by the close relationships between Kurma Partners and Conectus in our Proof of Concept investment activities.”

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Created in 2009, Kurma Partners is a European leading venture capital group specialized in Life Sciences and managing Kurma Biofund I, Kurma biofund II and its accelerator fund, Kurma Diagnostics. The company has more than 250M€ under management and develops an investment strategy supported by both the selection of best investment opportunity in Europe and the development of a “proprietary” portfolio of company in which Kurma intervenes at creation stage.

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About Conectus – www.satt.conectus.fr
SATT Conectus inc. is the Technology Transfer Office for all public research laboratories in Alsace region. Its academic shareholders (Université de Strasbourg, Université de Haute Alsace, INSA, ENGEES, CNRS, INSERM) represent over 7000 people working in laboratories, including 4 Nobel Price winners in activity. Conectus operate a 36M€ “Proof of Concept” fund financed by the “Investment for the Future” program through its shareholder, the “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations”.